I handle business development related activities for many of my clients. In fact, I often carry a business card with an executive title such as “Vice President” or “Director” of Business Development.

Some activities I perform for clients are as follows:

  • Act as a salesperson interacting directly with potential customers, including flying alone to client sites to present about company products or services. For one client, I was the only company “employee” in the US. I handled all inbound leads from a sales perspective in the US.
  • Help formulate or refine the company sales strategy. May also include implementing or upgrading a CRM solution.
  • Cultivate and develop relationships with key suppliers and partners. Many of my client’s key partners (e.g. FPGA vendor, channel distribution partner etc.) are located in Silicon Valley. Because I am local, I can meet face-to-face with partners to build a relationship and negotiate business terms.