Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


In which areas of technology are you able to consult?

Based upon work experience and education, I am very comfortable with any type of computer or information technology such as security, telecommunications, networking, enterprise software, SaaS or semiconductors. I am always eager to learn new technologies (on my own time) in order to effectively serve my clients. I guarantee that within a short period of time (e.g. 3 or 4 months) I will be able to effectively represent your company (without assistance) to a potential customer, partner or at an industry event.

Can you recommend other consultants in Silicon Valley (e.g. bankers, lawyers, tax, real estate)?

Yes. I work regularly with various service providers such as general or patent lawyers, M&A bankers, tax/accounting professionals, real estate agents and others. I will be glad to recommend and introduce you to consultants that can help grow your business (even if you don’t retain me as a consultant). Please feel free to contact me directly at or fill out the contact form on the website.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes most definitely. I work extensively with international clients, in fact those are some of my favorites. I have worked with companies from Ireland, Japan, India, Germany and Israel. I am very used to working odd hours to accommodate clients in international time zones.

Client Agreement

Can I engage your services for a “trial period” to see how it works out? Do I have to pay you during this period?

Yes. I often engage with new clients on a trial basis, typically three months or so. I do require payment during this period, but am willing to discuss a mutually agreeable discount during the trial.

Do you charge by the hour, by project or some other way?

The vast majority of my clients engage in a long-term retainer with me. We establish the number of hours per week (e.g. 10) upfront (based upon needs) and they pay a fixed amount every week. This makes it very easy from a budgeting perspective. I provide an invoice every two weeks with net 30 payment terms.

If occasionally extra hours are required, I don’t charge the client, because I recognize that activities will vary from week to week and sometimes more time is needed to finish a particular task. As requirements or budgets change, the number of hours per week can be increased or decreased at any time.

How much advance notice do I have to provide if I want to terminate your services?

Zero. You are free to terminate my services at any time by just informing me by email. In this event, I will send you a final invoice (prorated for hours worked) and that is all. I must say however that I have never had a client suddenly terminate a relationship with me. Typically a relationship is wound down over a mutually agreed period of time when events change such as an acquisition or decrease in available budget.

Can you provide client references?

Yes. I will be glad to provide references and examples of my previous work.


Could you help me set up an office in Silicon Valley?

Yes, I have done that for a previous client. I have multiple local business real estate agents I work with on behalf of clients. I can help locate a suitable office space based upon your requirements (such as proximity to customers/partners) and negotiate the rental agreement. However, I only provide this service if I am engaged in a longer-term agreement with the client.


Which software do you use (recommend) for content creation?

I am well versed in both Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud software. For basic content (e.g. whitepaper) MS Word tends to work just fine. However, for more layout intensive collateral (e.g. datasheet, brochure) Adobe InDesign is the “defacto” industry standard. I also regularly use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for graphics and image creation or manipulation.

Can you handle website development or maintenance?

I am well versed in WordPress and can certainly create a website from scratch (I built this site myself and have worked on others) but that is not my area of expertise. I rarely build websites for clients, but I do often make updates (e.g. create a blog post, post new content, add a new page) to an existing website.