My focus is on general marketing strategy as well as technical content development. To the right is some sample collateral I have developed for clients.  

In terms of marketing strategy, I typically help my clients develop a razor sharp marketing message that highlights their product or service’s unique differentiation—and precisely targets the intended customer segment. Following is a comprehensive example, complete with a fully developed marketing campaign.

“Smash the Box” Marketing Campaign

My client was an Irish software company that developed network test and measurement software and competed against two well-entrenched, incumbent, publicly traded companies: Spirent and Ixia. These two competitors dominated the network test and measurement market with over 80% market share and had successfully sold their proprietary hardware-based test solutions for decades. 

Meanwhile, my client was a relatively unknown, new entrant in the market, but with one clear differentiator—which we successfully exploited all the way to a highly profitable merger. The differentiator was that their software ran on industry-standard servers from well-known vendors such as Cisco, Dell and HP and thus did not lock the customer into using expensive, proprietary hardware.

To implant the key differentiating point into a customer’s mind, I conceived, executed and rolled out a wide-ranging marketing campaign called “Smash the Box”, to metaphorically symbolize what we wanted customers to do with the proprietary hardware boxes they had purchased from our two competitors.

To paint a clear picture in the customer’s mind, I had a t-shirt developed which was packaged in the form of a hammer. The photos in the gallery above show the packaged t-shirt, along with what it looks like when you open the packaging. The actual t-shirt was a high quality, cotton shirt which customers could proudly wear in the office or at home. All sales personnel were given ample quantities of these hammer t-shirts which they distributed to potential customers. I also snail mailed hammer t-shirts to prospects, along with a handwritten note. To complement the shirts, I developed a “Smash the Box” animated video (shown above) which clearly articulated our message within 90 seconds. The video was posted on the company website and all employees had a link to it in their email signature along with a banner.

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