I am not a banker, but I have experience working alongside M&A bankers such as Mooreland Partners and Palmares Advisors.

In 2020, I helped sell Polaris Networks (4G/5G software) to Motorola Solutions (NYSE : MSI). In addition to overall M&A strategic input, I selected and negotiated the contract with the M&A banker. During the course of my consulting work with Polaris Networks, I acquired the two largest customers in Polaris Networks 16 year history. One customer was the US Federal Government (National Institute of Standards and Technology – NIST) and the other was a network equipment vendor (Metaswitch Networks).   

In 2014, I helped successfully sell Shenick Network Systems for $28.5 million: 3x times trailing revenue. See the announcement here: Shenick Acquisition  

Raise Equity Capital

In limited situations, I will help a client raise equity capital. I only do this for established clients with whom I already have a strong working relationship. Here is an Investment Brief I put together and used during the search for a suitable equity investor for this client.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

I maintain relationships with a large number of M&A professionals in Silicon Valley and beyond. I can help identify an appropriate banker or individual for my client, based upon their specific circumstances—all bankers are not alike and each has a certain expertise. I can then help throughout the entire M&A process—sometimes acting as my client’s main representative. Some of the functions and activities that I can perform on behalf of my client are as follows:

  • Lead an internal acquisition strategy session. Many of my clients have no prior M&A experience. Part of this session is devoted to creating a “target acquirer” list. This helps speed the process along and is helpful to have when interviewing M&A professionals. If at all possible, it is best to engage with an M&A professional that already has relationships with some number of the target acquirers.
  • Write an executive summary outlining the opportunity
  • Produce high-level pitch deck. Typically 15 – 20 PowerPoint slides that describe the company. It is provided to potential buyers in stage 1 to identify initial interest and suitability
  • Help prepare the client for future due diligence by the acquirer. Assemble necessary financial data, identify key employees etc.
  • Create a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). This is a detailed document which provides an in-depth view of the company. It typically contains highly confidential data (e.g. audited balance sheet and income statement) and is ONLY disclosed to serious buyers in stage 2 with an NDA in place
  • Present to potential acquirers
  • Help negotiate terms of acquisition